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Matthew C Henderson

I build web apps and more!

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Who I am

I'm a Full Stack Dev

My name is Matthew and I'm a software developer based in Toronto, Canada. I develop awesome applications that bring ideas to life! I can help convert a vision or idea into functional software products. My ability to transform requirements into useful software is crucial to your product's success. I work to prioritize tasks, execute fast, and deliver faster. Take a look at my portfolio and let's see if we can work together on your next project!

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These are the technologies I use to build apps for the web:


The power of Javascript brings websites to life! I use Javascript to build attractive, lightweight, and responsive frontends for websites. Check out work to see Javacript in action!


React is JavaScript library and currently the best choice to create easy to use interactive user interfaces (UIs). The benefits of React include great performance, testability, and reusability.


Developing websites starts basics of HTML5, an integible part of all my projects. Also, the importance of good CSS styling can not be underestimated. CSS not only adds style but also function.

C# Language

C# is a modern programming language that is incredibly powerful and blazing fast. Combined with the ASP.NET framework, C# can build cross-platform web apps and services.

Let's work together

I'm available for full-time or freelance projects.
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A selected range of my work:

Issue Tracker Plus+

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Meal Finder

Demo GitHub

Expense Book

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Github User Finder

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